Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge for paying GEMA fees?

An absolute classic! In general the host (also restaurants) have to pay for the GEMA and need to register the event. This counts for public events which are hosted for a commercial reason (with entrance fee). Excluded from this are private - closed – events like weddings and family celebrations which are open only for invited guests or where the host has a very close and personal relationship to the guests.

Do you dee-jay with laptop (mp3's) or CDs/ vinyl discs?

I use a combination of laptop, so called “timecode-vinyls” and the program "Traktor Scratch Pro". Pictures of this equipment are available right here. Advantages are: no carrying of plenty of CD- or vinyl disc-cases, quicker search for special song titles (= more flexibility) and high reliability. Anyhow the feeling of the original dee-jaying remains and there is still a lot of work to do for me.

What happens, if your laptop or the hard drive disc will break during an event?

This could happen very time – this is why I always have an alternate laptop and a hard drive disk with me.

When do you build up your equipment?

Basically it is enough having about 2 hours before the event starts or the first guests are coming. In some cases – according to prior agreement - it is also possible that I come the day before to build up everything.

How long do you stay at the events and play music?

My offer always includes an open-end guarantee. You don't need to think about the event ending too early if the mood is at the highest point. There is just the need to look for the opening hours of the location. This should be known in advance.

Do you do presentations?

My roule is "Speech is silver, but silence is golden". In principle I'm working professionally and discreet in the background and do the announcements in agreement with the hosts. You won't find bad jokes or presentations like narrators do them, I just will influence the mood with my well chosen music.

Do you always play the same play list?

Of course not! In advance of every party I take time for an individual interview with the host where you can tell me your personal wishes and I can give you some advice for the selection of the music.

Do the guests are allowed to wish music / titles they want?

Yes, they are! A perfect party is made by the music and the mood and of course I do look for the wishes of the guests. I look that the wishes fit to what you've wanted and that there are no strange mix-ups.

What happens if you can't come (for example in case of illness)?

I fit is the case that I'm really ill, I will look for an adequate replacement early enough. Having a cold, a sore throat or a headache will not keep me away from being your DJ.

Does there is a risk of injury caused by your equipment?

No, as I'm using just LED-technology form by floorspots and light equipment. This means there is no heat evolution which could cause burn. Additionally there is a financial relief to your electricity bill.